Welcome and Thank You for considering being a part of The Canterbury Railway Society Incorporated, Proud Operators of The Ferrymead Railway!

The Canterbury Railway Society relies on volunteers to restore and maintain its locomotives, rolling stock, buildings, track, administer the Society and run the Ferrymead Railway.

We are always looking for people to help us preserve New Zealand’s railway heritage.

It doesn’t matter if you are not a skilled tradesperson or someone with railway experience, all you need to be is a railway enthusiast and you are welcome to join us.

Becoming a Society Member and Benefits

The Canterbury Railway Society welcomes people interested in trains. Members’ benefits include:

  • “Branch Lines” newsletter, published 11 times annually.
  • Free entrance to Ferrymead Heritage Park and free rides on operating days for members and their immediate families.
  • The fun of working with people who love trains as much as you do.
  • Getting up closer to a piece of our history than you could imagine.

The yearly membership fee is NZ$40 for Full Membership and NZ$20 for Junior or Beneficiary Membership.
If you don’t live in Christchurch you may still be a member of the Canterbury Railway Society. We have members spread all over the world.
We’ll keep you up to date with what we’re doing here on our web site, via Facebook and through the Branchlines members’ newsletter.
We also hold monthly members meetings which are an opportunity to present pictures or videos on a particular topic of railways or even a recent trip you may have undertaken.

When you do arrive in town, you will be right up to date when you come out to Ferrymead to visit us.

The Process


1. Read Rules:

Our two most important documents in relation to being a member in general can be found below under the Our Rules section. In applying you are agreeing to follow these.

2. Apply:

Complete your application form and submit it to us

3. Committee Review:

Our Committee Meets on the 2nd/3rd Tuesday of the Month (before the 20th) to have it’s regular meeting along with reviewing applications for membership.

At this they will review your application and decide if you are approved or declined to join the Society.

You will receive an outcome within 7-14 days of this decision.

If you are declined, the reason for this will be included in the decision letter/email sent to you.

4. Pay Subscription:

If approved you will have a membership invoice raised to you that on payment will be confirmation of your membership.

A Welcome Email/Letter and Membership Card will then be issued and sent to you which entitles you to the benefits seen in the Benefits Section above.

5. Induction:

If you are wanting to be one of the team that comes onsite you will be invited to an induction. This is for familiarising yourself with the Safety Aspects and Site around the Railway.

Once this is completed then Training can begin for roles if you are wanting to be in Train Operations or being able to participate in Maintenance and Restoration in the Workshop.

Our Rules

You must read these to apply to the society as you are agreeing to act in accordance with them.

  • The Constitution – This is our Societies Governing Document which details what we are about and our Societies Rules.
  • Code of Conduct – This is our Members Code of Conduct which explains the expectations of you as a member of the Society.


To print out our application form, please CLICK HERE or to request an application form to be sent to you, please use our ONLINE CONTACT FORM.

To Post your form, please send it here:

The Membership Secretary
Canterbury Railway Society Inc.
PO Box 13 039
Christchurch 8140.