The Moorhouse Signalbox contains a mechanical level signal frame that was manufactured in England in 1901 and installed at the Signalbox built at Templeton Station on the railway line south of Christchurch.

The building was relocated to its site on the Ferrymead Railway at Ferrymead Heritage Park in 1970.

It is in regular use ensuring the safe operation of all trains running on the Ferrymead Railway.

The building was originally taller, having been shortened by six feet to the dimensions of a New Zealand Railway’s standard type “K” Signalbox.

It retains the original Eighteen Level frame manufactured by McKenzie and Holland of Worcester, England.

Manning Wardle 1841
    • 0-4-0 ST Locomotive
    • Built 1914 by Manning Wardle UK
    • Purpose: Light Industrial
    • Condition: Moderate
    • History/Data: Boiler Repairs Required
    • Status: Display in the Hall of Wheels, Ferrymead Heritage Park
    • Owner: CRS

Built circa 1953 by NZ Railways at Addington Workshops, Christchurch, It was renumbered as Q.8324 in 1978. In 1984 it was Written Off at Westport as obsolete.

These wagons were designed so that the body could be lifted off the underframe by crane at which point doors underneath would release and drop the coal directly into the holds of the ships at Greymouth and Westport.

The Fell Brake Van No 624 was built in 1943 by NZ Railways Addington Workshops, it was constructed to act as a braking Van for Rewanui and Roa on the West Coast of New Zealand, It was fitted with a Fell Centre Rail Brake to assist with braking of Coal Trains on the Steep Grades.

After being written off in Greymouth in 1967, it was restored by the Canterbury Branch of the NZ Railway & Locomotive Society (which was the precursor to todays Canterbury Railway Society) and used on the first public train on the Ferrymead Railway that same year.

It is currently on Display in the Hall of Wheels at Ferrymead Heritage Park.